Court Booking Systems

Providing solutions for Tennis and Squash clubs to maintain control. Access management, booking software solutions and automatic light control.

Delivering High-Tech Booking Systems for over 20 years.

Software and hardware systems.

  • BEST for Tennis and Squash
  • Systems specifically designed for Squash and Tennis Clubs. Flexible booking rules - automatic light switching - unmanned systems - membership authentication.
  • BEST for Small and large clubs
  • Designed for unmanned environments Bookit.iT can provide robust user friendly on-site booking and light control. On-line booking options for all systems. For the larger clubs reception based software.
  • BEST for Automatic light switching
  • Ranging from straight forward on/off light switching to member authenticated activation with guest control Book.iT provides all the options.
  • BEST for member authentication
  • As an option to a purely software based system members can be supplied with an electronic fob which can be used to activate lights at the court-side ensuring that only authorised use takes place. Purchase additional court time before or after a booking.
  • BEST for floodlight management
  • Book variable amounts of floodlight time from the touch panel. Activate/extend lights from the court-side.

Responsive Grid Layout

Clearly displayed grid showing current and future booking slots. Easy to see who has booked and which courts have been reserved for events like matches. Single click or touch to book a facility.

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Tablet ready

Touch for getting membership contact details, current booking invitations, an audit of all booking transactions and much more.

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Mobile responsive

Easily find a court time with the touch calendar. Activate lights from the mobile interface. Instantly top up your credit on-line.

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Making a booking and viewing court usage can be facilitated through the optional installation of a dedicated and robust kiosk/console in your clubhouse. The kiosk based systems support membership fob authentication and additional light switching options. Ideal also when access to a portable device is not available.

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The Bookit.iT responsive software delivers an easy way to book courts on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Login - touch the time you want and your court is booked.
The hardware based systems use dedicated electronics to switch on the lights. Only authenticated members are able to get lights to come on.
With an unlimited number of memberships types allowed each can have their own tariff/plan. Peak and off peak prices are supported too.
The systems know when members book and don't turn up. Everything is audited so members who abuse the system can be approached. An option is available to impose a fine for no shows. Members are offered an opportunity to cancel a court.
Booking information is easily visible on mobile devices as well as on the front screen of the kiosk situated in the club house. The systems with court-side controllers display the players currently on court and the amount of time left of their booking.
Automated on-line credit updates are easily done through the PayPal clearing system. Members do not need to have a PayPal account to update credit. Filling in payment details works just the same. A coin mech option is available and accounts can be credited behind the bar or through management software.
Add-on modules are available to integrate the membership records with the Bookit.iT access control system. The door entry system prevents entry to those who have not paid their subs. Software modules also include managing leagues and ladders.